The right lateral mini-thoracotomy technique has evolved into a routine practice in specialized centres for minimally invasive heart surgery. A 3 to 4 inch incision is made between the ribs and does not require any bone to be cut. A soft tissue retractor is used to minimize rib spreading. Surgery on the heart is then performed in a standard fashion under a direct vision with video assistance via an endoscopic camera. This allows the surgeon to gain access to the mitral valve and treat mitral regurgitation (MR) by repairing or replacing the dysfunctional valve.

The benefits of a mini-thoracotomy procedure include:

  • Smaller incisions and scars
  • Reduced risk of infection 
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Shorter length of stay in the hospital (3 to 5 days vs. to 5 to 7 days for standard open procedures).
  • Fewer physical restrictions compared to standard open procedures.
  • Shorter recovery time (2 to 4 weeks vs. 6 to 8 weeks for standard open procedures). 

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